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Questions you may have.....

1. Who are typical Majestic Personal Care Services, LLC. clients?

Our typical client is anyone who needs assistance with their activities of daily living but wants to remain independent in his or her own home or lives with family members but needs some additional help. Majestic Personal Care Services' Care Professionals provide services in both home and facility settings.

2. What makes Majestic PCS different?

Majestic PCS fosters a positive atmosphere for our employees. We provide extensive training and continuous in-service classes to enhance the quality experience for our clients. We perform extensive employee screening through background checks, personality tests, and drug testing. To assure caregiver punctuality, Majestic PCS monitors attendance 24/7. Our pricing still falls below the national average. Majestic PCS is not a franchise. We were created in East Texas to serve East Texas.

3. Do any insurances cover these services?

Medicare and secondary insurances do not cover these types of services. Long Term Care Insurance covers our services, and we help you file and submit paperwork for funding. Medicaid and VA Benefits can also cover the cost of your services if you qualify. Contact your local Medicaid or VA office to determine you qualification status.

4. How do I get started?

Call us and a dedicated professional will explain our services during a free in-home assessment. When you are ready, you can begin within days.

5. How do I pay for services?

Billing invoices may be paid by check or credit card. A two -week deposit is required to begin services for self -pay clients (amount based on your anticipated schedule). 

6. Is there an agreement?

Yes, we are licensed by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, they require an agreement. The agreement includes a guarantee of service levels and a simple cancellation policy.

7. Is this affordable?

Majestic PCS's packages, pricing, and services are both flexible and reasonable. We are here for you, no matter how much or how little you need us. Medicare and secondary insurance companies do not pay for long term care at home. Most services are privately paid for unless a client carries Long Term Care Insurance, Medicaid or VA Benefits. Clients who have Long Term Care Insurance may be able to get reimbursed for services. Prices vary based on the level of need and the amount of time needed during the week. All inclusive services can range from $162 a week and up. We determine the specific price at the time of the home assessment.

8. What if I need to cancel my service?

If you wish to cancel your service, we require a one-week cancellation notice. To change or revise your schedule, please contact us at lease 24 hours in advance.

9. What if services are unsatisfactory?

If our services fail to meet your expectations, please call our office immediately to discuss the situation. We will work with you to resolve the matter.

10. Who is the staff?

Majestic PCS staff consists of dedicated Care Professionals. They joined our team because they have a passion for helping clients and their families and are not only interested in providing care but also improving the overall quality of life for our clients.

11. Why should I hire Majestic PCS instead of a worker whom I would pay privately?

There are five key reasons why you should hire Majestic PCS. First, we conduct an extensive background check to safeguard and deter abuse and theft. Secondly, we pay all the payroll and FICA taxes so that you are not exposed to legal liability. Third, we provide Worker’s Compensation insurance so that you are not responsible for medical bills and possible lost wages if the worker is injured in your home. Fourth, we provide back-up care professionals and experts on call. Lastly, Majestic PCS and it's Care Professionals are well -trained and insured to protect you from any damages. All of these reasons are designed to provide you with a greater peace of mind!

Office: (832) 288 -2531

Fax: (866) 668 - 2130

Business Hours:

Mon - Fri 8am to 5pm

Saturday / Sunday - Closed

Office Address:

1300 N Sam Houston Pkwy E, Suite 350

Houston, TX 77032

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