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Client Monthly Surveys


Team we ended the month of May with over 38 returned Client Satisfaction Surveys. YAY!!! that means more of our clients are engaging with our services. This round we faired very good. Looks like the score will be right around 96.9%. But either way, very proud of you all. With that said, the client concerns didn't really change much. But, here are some of those concerns. 

1. My Care Pro is always on that phone. I don't even attempt to talk to her anymore. She just ignores me.

- How does one balance their down time? And is it your responsibility to keep the client entertained?   Answer:  Down time should minimal since you are there to complete tasks. Once they are complete for the day, you are there to "engage" with the client. 

2. My Care Pro is always asking to leave early or missing shifts. Does she know this is not volunteer work? 

- Team, life is happening for us all. But this client is right. There not many professions that the employee can be personal held accountable for their actions or non-action. Well, this is one of those professions. Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation is real. If your client accuses you of either of the three, it could be a nightmare for you. My suggestion is that you keep these occurrences to a minimum. Our client having feeling and once the feel that they are being taking advantage of, it's hard to convince them otherwise. 

3. My Care Pro sets and watches more TV than I do. She gets in here and hurries through everything. Everything's just half butt done. 

- This behavior is a no-no and could lead to disciplinary action. Look, I get it. But you have to remember that most of our clients have been providers before. They had the own style and way of doing everything. So, where you can get it done in minutes, they are seeing it as just "rushing through". Best way to change this behavior is to pace yourself. Complete a task or two, then take a small break to engage with your client. Then repeat the process throughout your shift. 

4. My Care Pro spends more time talking to her boyfriend, kids or friends talking about all their issues than working. Did you know she?????

- So, hear me clear on this one. If you don't want the world to know your business, stop telling it. If you repeat or are talking about your personal business in your client's home and it gets to everyone you know before you have a chance to hang up from that conversation, then, SHAME ON YOU.... Your personal calls should be kept to a minimum and should never be in front of your client. 

5. My Care Pro is NEVER on time and has more personal problems and excuses than a modern day soap opera.

- OKAYYY.. There are a couple of behaviors here to address. First, life is happening for us all. But if you are late or miss work, more than you go to work, the struggle is real. And could lead to some serious consequences up to and including termination. When you signed up, you knew what it entails. You made a commitment to be there for your clients. Please live up to your personal values.  

It is against THHS polices and the policies of the Agency for you to discuss your personal issues with your client. According to THHS, this will lead to situation of exploitation every time. So, if your conversations about your home life entices your client to give you money, food, shelter or anything of value, you are going to JAIL. I say that in the kindest way possible. Please do not be this person. Your client can know some things about you. Some of you are with your clients for many hours a day. The relationship is going to be there. But ensure that you do not cross the boundaries. 

6. My Care Pro comes in everyday and asks me " What do you want me to do?" 

- This is heartbreaking and super embarrassing at the same time. I have said so many time that you should have a plan of what your day is going to look like before you walk into your client's home. You should have tasks broken down for tasks to be completed daily, weekly and monthly. You are the PROFESSIONAL. It would be as though you go to your doctor's office. She finally comes in. Looks you in the eyes and says, "What do you want me to do about your issues?" This one is clearly my fault. And this concern should never hit my desk again.   

These are only the top 6 concerns. There were actually 6 complaints in total.  And again, this information is not to point blame or implicate anyone. I need you all to be aware of these situations so that you know how to handle these situations. So, please don't be that person that goes to your client's and say, "So, you don't like my cooking huh?" chances are, you are not the guilt party. 


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